Friday, 17 July 2009

The End...and then some

Hello people!
I come bearing news!
Me and Bader broke up!
Yes. After seven long agonizing months i finally realized that i deserved better.. so i decided to end things.
Usually i like to end my relationships on good terms.. be civil and polite..maybe even be friends afterwards! I was hoping this would be the case with bader.. bas no :) because boys are scum...that simple.
Im not gonna go into gory details about our relationship and all the problems we had and how i was mistreated and unappreciated..instead ill fast forward to the interesting break up and post-break up events.

Break up day:
I called him around 5 and told him that i don't think we should be together anymore..he responded by saying "Can i call you back in 3 hours?"
*three hours later*
phone rings. Its Bader. I pick up and heres how the convo went:
Me: alu
Me: uh...i said what i had to say ..ur turn
Him: no plz repeat wat u sed
Me: :S ok..i dnt think we should be together anymore.. its obviously not working out..were just not compatible ..and i think its for the best.
Him: were does this leave us?
Me: as friends i hope? we should atleast end this on good terms
Him: okay sounds good... so this is our last convo as a couple?
Me: ya i guess so
Him: inzain yalla bye
Me: byee

*ring ring*
Me: alu?
Him: hey friend...
Me: lool heyyy:P

ilmohim we talk randomly for a couple of minutes.. so im thankful because it seems that things are gonna be good between us.

The week between the break up and summercourse:
Honest to god, for a whole week my phone received more calls from bader than it did in the past 7 months!
He kept calling me asking to meet up because he wanted to "talk". I told him i cant go out bas we can talk on the phone bas he insisted it had to be face to face. He knew my parents were travelling so he kept asking me to sneak out to meet him back at my empty appartment (seeing as how i was staying at my grandmas) for five hours or so! (seriously? why 5 hours???WHYY??)
Ilmohim he really pissed me off and irritated me so i told him to leave me alone and that we'll talk in 9aifi because im not risking sneaking out. After a while he got the message so he fucked off.

Second day of 9aify:
Me and bader decide to meet up in jam3a to "talk". I met up with him after my first class. Heres how it went:

Him: salaam...
Me: wa 3alaikum il salam..
Him: plz sit gonna talk to you now.. and i dont want you to interrupt me till im done okay?
Me: uh. ok..
Him: Im shocked. Im shocked im shocked im shocked im shocked. Im shocked at the way you ended things. I didnt expect this from you...bas im glad this happened because now i see the real you...and im glad were over. If you ever mention anything abt me to anyone you'll regret it...a girls reputation is very important to her so you should be worried because i could easily ruin yours. Don't ever talk to me again.. im deleting you from msn and facebook. Out of respect for the 7 months we had together i will look in your face and say hi..bas other than that nothing will happen between us.

and he got up and left.

A week later:
(and btw after that lovely lecture/speech i got.. i was polite with him and said hi and bye cuz mabi afashla infront of people)
I txt him asking him if he cud plz give me back my iTrip (the thing that lets u use ur ipod in the car) because i left it in his car nd never took it back.
He said ya sure and that he would get it for me the next day.
The next day i see him sitting with a couple of my friends so i go over to them and say hi nd how r u nd watnot. So i ask him if he got my iTrip
Him: Ya its outside
Me: outside were:S?
Him: outside on the chairs in a box
Me: wat? why:S?
Him: well i was leaving and i didnt think i was gonna see you so i put it outside
Me: why didnt you just leave it here with sumone?:S
Him: madre.. i was leaving bas i didnt.. ilmohim i have to go now bye

*5 mins later*
I walk out with a friend of mine to go get my iTrip and i see a huge box nexto the chairs. I walk a little closer and see huge speakers sticking out of the box.
As soon as i saw them i went ballistic! HOW COULD HE??
Basically what he did was compile every single thing i gave him in the 7 months we were together, put them in a box, brought it to jam3a and just left it outside in jam3a wide open for everyone to see :)
the items in the box were:
130 kd surround system

i didnt even look through it i told a friend of mine to pick it up and take it to his place. bas i know that some things were missing ... he managed to conveniently forget to put in the Dior perfume set i got him and the multiple dihin 3oods :)

very nice right?

Saturday, 16 May 2009

In Retrospect... Part 2

Hey ...
Sorry I haven't posted in a while...i just couldn't get myself to write.

I watched the the Greys Anatomy season finale and it truly touched me and needless to say i cried my eyes out! But there was something in it that I wanna share with you guys: the ending...
it went like this :
" Did you say it?...I love you...I don't ever wanna live without changed my life... did you say it? Make a plan. Set a goal. Work towards it. But every now and then, look around, drink it in...cause this is it. It might all be gone tomorrow."

You never know when your life might end or when your loved-one's life might end so always take advantage of every single moment you have together... and remember to tell them you love them...because they could be gone in the blink of an eye.
Im not trying to be morbid or anything... but thats reality for you..

Anyway.. Where was I?


The next day comes and I was so worried about meeting up with Bader. I still had my doubts about him and the words of my friend Fawaz kept ringing in my head. I barely knew the guy at that point.
Generally here in kuwait a guy doesn't just ask a girl thats mit7ajba that he barely knows to go out with him alone almost a week after they've met! How did he know i would be okay with it? My mind started going places inna maybe he heard bad stuff about me or usual me overthinking things:P
Before i go on let me tell you something about myself... im stubborn! very.very.very. stubborn.. If i wanna do something im gonna go ahead and do it no matter what anyone else tells me! and if that thing turns out to be a mistake then id have learnt something new and i would know not to repeat that mistake again. Thats how i do.
SO anyway...
At around 11:50 my phone rings: ofcourse, it was bader
"Halla Bedour shlonich?"
"Im great thanx what about you?"
"Tamam tamam...ha what are you up to?"
"Not much... i just finished class. What about you?"
"I just got here...are we still on for today?"
"Great...ana il7een baroo7 class, ill write my name and leave after a bit...then ill call you and we'll meet up and leave shrayich?"
"Ok sounds good"
"Yalla 3ayal take care"
"Thanks you too"

BUTTERFLIES!!!!! UFFF i was so fucking tense and worried!! I don't know how i got through the next 20 minutes!
ill skip through the gorey details of how worried and tense i was and jump straight to him him calling 20 minutes later.

"halla! ha u ready?"
"yup.. ur doone with class?"
"sitting bil lounge"
"okay im on my way"

4 seconds later he appears right in front of me...I may have mentioned that bader isnt the best looking guy in the world... i mean hes definately not ugly..i find him very attractive...but at THAT moment... i must say he looked HORRIBLE.. well okay..horrible is an exaggeration..lets just say he cud have looked better:P
He was wearing a grey t-shirt thats was way too small thus being too short and sticking right above his ass which is pretty big btw in comparison with the rest of his body, jeans capris with side pockets.. (there actually too long to be capris and too short to be pants.. i dont know what the hell they are!) lol And his hair was long at that point and he had it curly *puke*
Plz dont think im one of those girls that thinks looks is the most important thing and watnot... im most definitely not like that! but looks do play a small role in attraction...especially in this kind of situation!

So we made small talk and got up to leave... and as we left we passed Lilo and noodles and B (one of my closest cutest most amazing friends) ga3deen bara... they mouthed "good luck" at me as we walked past and headed for baders car.
As soon as me an Bader started talking.. we couldn't stop.. by the time we got to his car all my worries about him had disappeared and was 100% comfortable..there was just something about him..he was so charismatic and he set a vibe that just made me trust him min awalha.
So i chose that we go to a shisha cafe nearby. When we got there and sat at a table bader goes "oh crap i left my laptop bil sayara la7tha shway..." and he left to go get his laptop min il sayara. That pissed me off ya3ne shinu? are you planning to sit with me and conversate or jabil the laptop??
So he comes back, sits down, takes a look around and says, "Can we go somewhere else? i dont like this place."
WTH? i was so shocked yet again:P 6ab3an i agreed and got up.
Then when we get in the car he asks me where the neared ATM is cause he "needed to take out cash and pay back a friend" my.ass i figured he didnt have any cash with him for the cafe:P
we spent 45 minutes looking for an ATM and finally got money and he chose another place nearby for us to go to. It was also a shisha cafe but it has a family section so it would be more private and stuff...without loadsa weird guys staring at me and ya ... he wasnt just being picky he was looking out for me :P.
we FINALLY get to the cafe and go up and order.
I got mint shisha and he got grape...and he also ordered a fruit salad that he never ate:P

We played truth or truth:P and ended up spilling all our deepest darkest secrets to eachother then and there. Frankly, i was glad we did..that way everything would be out in the open min awalha and if either of us had a problem with anything either one of us had done in the past then we would chose to move away at that moment.. but thankfully we were both understanding and open minded with some things and basically saw eye-to-eye.

We spent 3 hours there but it felt like 2 seconds, walla the time passed so quickly: we were both so relaxed and comfortable and we both enjoyed our time wayid. He payed and we left.

He then dropped me off to jam3a and when he parked he got out of the car, got out and and opened the door for me...(so sweet right?) Then to my shock and surprise he gave me a hug as we said our goodbyes! lol i felt like it was too soon and i think he sensed it cuz i was sitff and didnt budge but i didnt wanna make him feel bad so i hugged him back shwaya and walked off.

And that was that!
The beginning of what soon became and amazingly extra-ordinary relationship!

Monday, 4 May 2009

In Retrospect...

Awalan thank you so much for all the nice comments and words of encouragement.. walla i was planning to stop blogging right after i posted my first post lol... bas now im actually into it and i think im gonna keep going...

I think i should tell you a little about myself...
Im not kuwaiti bas ive lived here all my life so i speak fluent kuwaitii with the occasional badliya:P so bear with me...I just turned 18 and im a university student...and basically this blog is the story of me and my love<3>

in todays post im gonna go back to when i saw bader for the first time and how we eventually met and got together.


The first time i ever saw bader was the day of tasjeel at uni for the second course of my first year (which was a little over a year ago). He was standing with one of my friends and another guy (which i became friends with later on).
I dont know what it was about him but something attracted me to Bader from the moment i layed eyes on him (cliche i know.. but true!) Im sure if any of you girls out there see him you wouldn't think he was gorgeous or drool-worthy or whatever you wanna call it; but i was attracted to him min awal nathra!
Later on i asked my friend fawaz who his cute friend was
"Ha fwaiz, whos he cutie you were hanging out with yom il tasjeel?"
"Ay wa7id?"
I then described how he looked to fawaz.
"ohhhhh hatha bader... lesh?? ^^"
":$ oh la nothing just asking:P"

*(oh before i go on let me tell you that fawaz is like my brother; he's very protective of me w 7ada he looks out for me w he always has my back. I've known him min ziman min wagt highschool and hes one of my closest friends"

" He has a girlfriend la t7awleen:P, w a9lan madre.. 7ata law he didn't i suggest u stay away."
":S lesh? mu 5osh wa7id?"
"madre... ma a3rfa 3adil bas kan yadris bara ib amreeka w tawa he transferred back here ... w his girlfriend amreekiya w chithee if you know what i mean"
"oh okay...:P ha shlon mawadik..."

w basically that was that... nisait 3anna for a while but ofcourse i couldn't help but admire him every once in while; one of his classes was conveniently right before one of my classes and in the same room ya *wink wink* but it wasn't like i was obsessed with him or anything..bas chithee a phase...

*6-ish months later*

I had just finished one of my classes and was going down to meet my friends when i saw *drumroll* BADER! i hadn't seen him in more than 6 months! w azeedkum min il shi3ir bait: he was talking to a close friend of mine! :D
So what do i do? walk up to them in a very non-chalant way and say:
"Oh hey fahad! wat u up to?"
"Hey B...not much walla...wat about you?"
"Same here... just finished class and im going to meet my friends to study for my calculus midterm"
At this point bader jumps in and says :
"oh your midterm is today? mine is tomorrow."
"uh..shlon tomorrow? tara il imti7an muwa7ad:P w its today at 5:30!" (and at that point it was 3:15)
6ab3an stubborn Bader mu9ir inna his midterm is bachir so i tell him to ask someone from his class w i was right:P
so basically i saved his ass!
Anyway after that... he asked me if i had a number for a calculus tutor and i gave him my tutors number, he said thank you and nice to meet you and all 3 of us went out seperate ways.

Around a week later...

Im sitting 3adi chilling with my friends when who walks in?......any guesses?....anyone?
okay ill just tell you : fahad w bader!
So they walk in and sit with us...bader sits close to me so i take ma chances and start a conversation with him.
"ha how was the midterm?"
"walla tamam.. i got 8...wat abt u?"
"lol.. i got 15..afa lesh 8? :S "
"dash il imti7an mu daris :P w a9lan m kint adri inna fee imti7an:P fa yalla may5alif"
"ee walla.. yalla its better than the zero u would have gotten if you missed the midterm! :P"
"LOL! e walla! thank you walla u saved my ass!"
"haha anytime ;)...ha kallamt il tutor?"
"oh 9a7! i wanted to tell you!.. i lost his number...can you give it to me again?...but my phone ran out of battery so can u text me it? heres my number $%##^&*(&)"
6ab3an i didn't mind.. lol now we both would have eachothers numbers ^^

The next day around 3 il 3a9ir i was resting in me bed reading when my phone rang, Bader calling... :O so i pick up:
"hala bedour shlonich?"
"tamam what about you?"
"walla tamam...ha wainich?"
"umm.. bilbait?"
"lesh mu imdawma ilyoum?
"imbala dawamt:P"
"la ma dawamtay! ri7t il mukan illi killa u guys chill in w your friends were all there but you weren't"
"yimkin i had already left.. what time did u go?"
"at round 2? ee 2-ish..."
"ee i was at home:P i leave early on thrusdays..."
"oh okay..."
"lesh did u need anything?"
"la bas kint abi asallim"
"oh okay..."
"fa ba3dain lama ma ligaitich gilt adig...w check and see how you were"
"oh thats sweet of you thanks"
"yalla 3ayal ma ra7 a6awil 3alaich...have a nice weekend bedour"
"thnx, you too bader"

I hung up the phone with a huge smile on my face...

Two days later i decide to text him and ask him if he talked to the tutor:
"hey bader shlonik? ha kallamt il mudaris?"
"hala bedour! walla 3umrich 6uweel! i was just thinking about you! ee walla kallamta w gal inna hes too busy w can't take on anymore people :("
"oh you were thinking about me? lucky me ^^ he is very busy..5ala9 may5alif... i can tutor you if you want?"
"really? you would do that ? walla i'd appreciate it a lot! i need all the help i can get with this stupid subject"
"ee akeed ...sure why have my number now so just tell me whenever you need any help"
"sure will do ;) and you have my number too.. dont feel shy sweety;)"
"i wont ^^"

10 minutes later i get a msg min badoor

"hey.. i forgot to ask.. when are you free tomorrow?"
" free from 12-3 lesh?"
"perfect...shrayich ni6la3 inroo7 cafe nearby w we chill?"
"sure that sounds good!"
"5ala9 3ayal, i finish my class 12..ill give you a call as soon as i finish shrayich?"
"sounds perfect ;)"

:D omg i couldn't believe it! i was so thrilled and overjoyed!
bas after a short while the feeling of euphoria started slipping away and worry crawled into its place; i've know the guy a week..w in that week i saw him twice and talked mara on the phone w txted i didn't know him very well...infact i didn't know him at all!
how was i supposed to go out ma3a alone!?

to be continued...

Sunday, 3 May 2009

3rd December 2008

It was the 2nd of December 2008, we were sitting doing nothing (as usual) in uni, when Bader decided to declare to all my friends (and me actually) that we were together, which was actually as much a surprise to me as it was to my friends:P .
Heres how it happened: One of my "friends" found out i was going to Dubai that week and was hinting that he wanted me to get him some cough*alcohol*cough, however my dimwit-of-a-boyfriend (woy la 7aram a7iba) thought that the boy was asking me to get him a dildo for some odd reason. Anyway so Bader gets all protective and jealous (mind you at that point i had only known him for 2-3 weeks) and tells the boy to back off and quote: "Ya3ne mu 3aib? im sitting right here! plz dont talk to my girl like that!"
So the boy was obviously embarassed and apologized and said: "wow..sorry i didn't know u guys were together! *looks at me*
So i say.."Haha ..yaa..."
ilmohim the rest of the conversation is irrelevant to the story. After that i went off to class and texted bader saying: " So were together?"
he replied: "Yes"
so i say : "well then hello boyfriend"
nd he says: "hi girlfriend ;)" in response

A couple of hours later he was driving me home he got hungry so we stop at Naif to pick up a sandwich for him but we ended up going down and sitting. lol.
I waited for him to finish his meal whilst i nibbled on some of his soggy fries then asked, "So...when did we become together exactly:P"
he looked confused and said: "huh? sh8azdich?"
I sigh and recounted his decleration that morning infront of my friends, and explained that i wanted to know the date of when we officially became a couple 7ag anniversaries and watnot.
He replied saying, "Madre not even sure if were official yet"
I say: "So why did u declare to everyone that we were together:P? "
he says: " Madre that guy pissed me off the way he was talking to you...mala da3i... beside... we are official"
At that point i was ready to smack my head into the wall malyoon mara to make the confusion go away!
ilmohim! after a loooong discussion about the officialness (yes i know thats not a word) of our relationship...we desided to make it official the next day (which was the 3rd, thus the title of this post).
We plan a traditional date: movies and a meal, and reserve the seats (top corner rawr) and the movie was *drumroll* Madagascar 2 :D hahaha
I can honestly say it was the weirdest first date ive been on:P
Firstly, i payed for the tickets:P not cuz hes ba5eel or anything.. but i have an account for cinescape and he was out so ya.. :P
Secondly, i dropped the coke as we were walking into the cinema and he had to go buy more:P
Thirdly, he was na3san as usual and slept on my shoulder
Fourthly, i kept feeding him popcorn even when his mouth was stuffed:P
Fifthly, i couldn't keep my hand off him and he kept telling me to stop cuz he didnt want us to get kicked out :P (we didnt make out or anything i was just hugging him nd kissing his hand and playing with his hair)
(To those of you who have seen the movie) You kno the part were the crazy indian mokey thing that sings i like to move it move it tells the giraffe u have to go to the hippo and tell her "I dig you baby" ? Well at the point in the movie, bader took my hand and looked into my eyes and said: "I dig you baby" and kissed my hand (woooy cuteness). W min wagt.ha that our thing :"I dig you baby".
After that we met up with one of his bestfriends, mi7sin, at Chillies.
It was so funny, the three of us walk in and bader gets a phone call so he tells us to get a table. So me and mi7sin walk in in complete silence and get a table. I go ahead and sit but mi7sin excuses himself to go to the bathroom, but in reality (and bader told me this later) he was going barra to wait for bader cuz he was too shy to be on the same table alone with me! lool cuteness.
We hung out at Chillies shwaya then we said our "bye"s and "nice to meet you"s and left.

Bader dropped me off home that day and that was that; the end of our first date.
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